———–London Free Press 8월 6일자 신문 기사—–
런던 지역 지난달(7월) 주택 판매량이 7월 기록으로는 두 번째로 많은 판매를 기록하였습니다. 매 월 기록으로도 세 번째로 많은 주택 판매 실적을 올렸습니다.
최근 몇 달 동안 지역 내 실업률은 증가 하고있지만, 미국과 캐나다 대 도시에서 나타나는 부동산 침체를 적어도 런던은 비껴가는 듯 보입니다.
그 이유를 런던, St. Thomas 부동산 협회는 한 산업에 치중되지 않은 다양한 산업구조와 여전히 다른 도시들에 비해 상대적으로 저렴한 주택 가격 때문으로 분석하고 있습니다.
캐나다 부동산 협회(CREA)의 정보에 따르면, 주택 한 채가 거래 되면서 파생되는 가구, 가전 제품, 리노배이션에 약 32,000불의 소비 효과를 창출하는 것으로 되어있으며, 이 데이터로 볼 때, 식지 않는 주택 경기가 런던 경제 활성화에 기여하게 될 것으로 기대됩니다.

If the London-area economy is in a tailspin, homebuyers dont appear to have noticed. ‘런던 지역 경제가 급 하강 국면에 있다면, 주택 구매자들은 이를 인지하지 못하는 듯 합니다.’
The London and St. Thomas Association of Realtors said yesterday it was their second best July on record, with 950 homes changing hands.
Association president Bruce Sworik said it was also the third best sales for any month.
Although unemployment in the area has spiked in recent months, Sworik said, London seems to be dodging the homes sales slump affecting the United States and some Canadian cities.
“Thats fantastic news for our local economy, given the economic spinoff generated by each housing transaction,” Sworik said.
A study done by the Canadian Real Estate Association estimated that each home sale generates $32,000 in spinoff spending on furniture, appliances and renovations.
So far this year, sales are down nine per cent compared to same period in 2007, which turned out to be a record year with a total of 9,378 sales. But sales in 2008 are still tracking well above the 10-year average, he said .
Compared to other major markets, Sworik said, London- area homes are still a relative bargain, with an average price of $213,603.
Sworik said the city seems to be weathering the downturn in the manufacturing sector.
“Our economy seems to be more diversified and we have not been affected too much,” he said.
Sworik said homebuyers have more choices with the number of homes listed on the market, up about 25 per cent compared to the same period last year.
“The home has to be priced right. If it is, its going to be gone quickly, but if its overpriced it will sit,” he said.
More homeowners might jump into the market this year while mortgage rates are still low, Sworik said.
Hank Daniszewski is a Free Press business reporter