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런던지역 1월 주택 거래 실적

런던, 세인트 토마스 부동산 협회에서 발표한 지난 1월 부동산 통계입니다.
LONDON – February 1, 2010
Evidence that market is stabilizing
In January 2010, 472 homes exchanged hands in the jurisdiction of the London and St.
Thomas Association of REALTORS (LSTAR). “Given that the ten-year average for
January home sales is 450, I’d have to say that last month’s sales were right in line with
those of previous Januarys,” observes LSTAR President Richard Thyssen. “And that’s a
high average, given peak years in 2006 and 2007. While it’s still early days, better
numbers in October, November and December 2009 and now in January 2010 may
indicate that the market is beginning to stabilize.”
This month’s sales include 377 detached homes (up 53.9 % from January 2009) and 95
condos (up 58.3 % from January 2009). “Although these percentage increases seem
large, you have to remember that January 2009 was down 35% from January 2008,”
explains Thyssen. “Last January’s figures told us that we were in a significant downturn.
Today’s tell us that we are in recovery.” The following table sets out number of units
sold in the month of January over the previous decade.
Year Sales
2009 305
2008 466
2007 538
2006 529
2005 440
2004 427
2003 479
2002 501
2001 341
2000 293
Sales in St. Thomas, London’s sister community, tell a similar tale of decline and
rebound. – 37 homes exchanged hands in January 2010, up 60.9% from the previous
year. However, as was the case with London, St. Thomas sales in January 2009 were
unusually low at 23, compared to 36 in 2008 and 52 in 2007.
The average price of a detached home in January 2010 was $235,416, up 3.1% over
December 2009, while the average price of a condo rose 7.3% to $172,722. The average
price of total residential (both detached and condo) was up 3.5% over December, 2009 to
$222,798. The following table compares average year to date residential prices in our
jurisdiction at year end over the past decade.
Year Price
2009 $213,402
2008 $210,888
2007 $202,256
2006 $188,942
2005 $178,058
2004 $166,138
2003 $152,586
2002 $142,106
2001 $136,636
2000 $134,593
The best-selling house style in LSTAR’s jurisdiction for the month of January was the
two-storey, followed by the bungalow, the ranch, and the townhouse condo:
House Style Units Sold Average Price
2 storey 117 $303,538
Bungalow 78 $174,992
Ranches 57 $279,620
Townhouse Condo 50 $154,437
Homes in LSTAR’s jurisdiction continue to maintain their affordability compared to
other major Ontario and Canadian centers. According to the Canadian Real Estate
Association’s Residential MLS Report for November 2009 (the most current available),
the average price year-to-date for:
? London and St. Thomas, $222,798;
? Calgary, $383,998;
? Durham Region, $277,309;
? Edmonton, $320,585;
? Hamilton-Burlington and District, $289,483;
? Kitchener-Waterloo, $269,443;
? Ottawa, $303,788;
? St. Catharine’s & District, $223,861;
? Toronto, $392,823; and
? Greater Vancouver, $586,401.
“Sales activity in 2009 came in like a lamb and went out like a lion, “said CREA
President Dale Ripplinger. “The continuation of unusually low interest rates may keep
national sales activity near current levels over the coming months, as will a blip in
housing demand in Ontario and British Columbia from homebuyers motivated to beat the
introduction of the HST”

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